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Sudoku Variants book, volume 4

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Outside Sudoku Compendium 130 puzzles
Sudoku Variations book, volume 4
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Sudoku Variants book
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Flower  Sudoku and Outside  Sudoku
Flower Sudoku, Gattai 5 in 1 Su Doku
This is volume two of the Sudoku Variants book!
In addition to the variants from volume 1,
this time I present you with Multi Sudoku aka Loco Sudoku puzzles.
  • Diagonal-Odd/Even Multi LOCO Twodoku Sudoku
  • Hyper-Greater/Less Multi LOCO Double Sudoku
  • Nonconsecutive-Consecutive Multi LOCO Twodoku Sudoku
  • NonConsecutive-Diagonal Multi LOCO Twodoku Sudoku
  • NonConsecutive-Diagonal-Consecutive Multi LOCO Triple Sudoku
  • Hyper-Diagonal-Consecutive Multi LOCO Triple Sudoku
Another addition are FRAME Sudoku puzzles!
  • classic Frame Sudoku
  • Frame Sudoku 10x10
  • Consecutive Frame Sudoku
  • Diagonal Frame Sudoku
  • Frame Jigsaw Sudoku
  • Frame NonConsecutive Sudoku
And of course, there are also most of the variants from volume 1, see below!
Sudoku Variants included in the volume 1 are:
  • classic Sudoku in various sizes: 6x6, 8x8, 10x10, 12x12 and 16x16
  • Jigsaw Sudoku and Jigsaw Combination
  • Diagonal Sudoku X
  • Consecutive Sudoku
  • Non-Consecutive Sudoku
  • Hyper Sudoku (Windoku)
  • Greater/Less Than Sudoku (inequality sudoku)
  • Odd-Even Sudoku
  • Sudoku Straights
  • TriDoku
  • OUTSIDE Sudoku of all sorts
  • Killer Sudoku and Killer with all operators +*-/
Overlapping Sudoku varieties in this book are:
  • Double Sudoku
  • Triple Sudoku
  • Flower Sudoku
  • TwoDoku
  • Butterfly Sudoku
  • Sudoku Ring
And numerous combinations of those Sudoku variations and overlapping Sudoku puzzles!

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